What Is A Real Friend?

What is a real friend?

What is a real friend?

What is a real friend?


What is a real friend?…I think a real friend is a person who will always have your back, someone who is there when the times are hard, someone who shares your values.

Have you ever had a friend who took advantage or used you, talk behind your back, spread rumors or teased you? Such a friend is not trustworthy, he or she will never stand by your side when you need them to.

If you have a friend like that I think you should let go of them and rather stick to a friend that has good qualities, good standards, someone who influences you in the right manor and helps you in the right direction.

I think that having one true friend with good qualities is better than having many false friends.

I mean like someone with high standards and good behavior.


Like my friend Wesley!

He is a friend that live and set good examples for others, someone that I look up to. He always has my back, helps me out when I am stuck, talks to me when I feel negative and makes jokes. He really shows interest in me in what I like, and he never expects me to be perfect or anything in return. He is my trustworthy friend!

I think everybody should have a friend like Wesley!


“There exist a friend sticking closer than a brother.” Proverbs 18:24

I think we shouldn’t hang around friends that do mindless things. It’s like hanging around a trash can that smells, sooner or later we too are going to smell, and that smell doesn’t go away very quickly, and then others won’t want to hang around us for very long.

“Mindless” doesn’t mean bad grades or unintelligent, it just means that they don’t make wise decisions, and if you hang around people who do mindless things you too will start to fare badly.


“Tip: Live by upright standards and qualities, and others who are striving to do the same will be more likely to find you. They will make the best kind of friends.”

We shouldn’t settled for the wrong friends just because we are desperate, you know the ones who do mindless things, we CAN do without them.


Be Aware

It doesn’t mean that we need to judge others, it just means that we need to be aware who we choose as friends, …I mean like have knowledge of what can happen when we choose the wrong friends. We need to be aware, we need to be “street-smart”!

Real friends don’t pressure us into doing what is wrong, and we’re definitely would never be nervous or tense around them, you know like nail biting nervous! And if you think about it, they are the ones we’ll like to take home to meet our parents, someone our parents would approve of.

You know the ones that we don’t have to impress and speak like them, or act and dress like them just to please them. If they are not like that then we need to think carefully and maybe be more selective and choose other friends.


“Ask yourself…

What qualities does your friend have?

Hint: If only negative qualities come to mind it might be time to look for better friends!”

What qualities would I mostly like to see and value in a friend?

And then… What qualities do I have to work on to be a better friend?”


“When you conform to others’ standards just to fit in, you are like a pawn on a chessboard, being moved around at their whim”

You deserve to have a real friend and when you do you will be happy!!

Open the door to find real friends by cutting off those who don’t share the same values as you have, you will see, that you will feel better!


“Everyone is different from everyone else. You shouldn’t want to change yourself and
try to be someone you are not. That’s not good thinking. Some people do themselves a
lot of harm trying to change themselves. They are never happy with how they are even,
when they have changed.”

Source: Questions Young People Ask, Answers That Work – Volume 1 – Chapter #8


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